Teddy Bear Island

Get away from it all on Lake Baringo

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Stars Teddy Bear Island
Teddy Bear island
Circular Seating 4 x


Megan 4 small Dining Night 2 sm

The Camp can sleep 8 adults.  


There are 2 spacious Tents, Stone Cottage and a new Star Room,

each with a double bed and  ensuite bathroom.  


There are also 3 single beds with dome nets in the Eagle's Nest at the back of the Mess, with a bathroom, which is ideal for kids and teenagers.

There are solar lamps in the tents.

The Camp runs on a hybrid system of solar, battery & generator.  The Mess has plugs to recharge phones & tablets and there is phone signal throughout so internet is available.  There are fairy lights throughout the Mess and lanterns and solar lamps too.  Please bring only WHITE (non-coloured) candles.

The Stone Cottage has one double bed with a mosquito net and a small ensuite bathroom.

Maggie - Housekeeping




Follow the path, past the top tent, to the top of Teddy Bear Island

for fantastic 360 degree sunset views.

Enjoy balmy nights under a leafy canopy sprinkled with fairy lights and lanterns.  

This a magical spot, perfect for an evening BBQ.

There is an outside Charcoal Oven, a 3 Tier Charcoal Pizza Oven and BBQ

which Maggie will light for you.  Eco-friendly Chardust charcoal is provided.


Relax by the pool and under the shade of the Tortilis tree, home to the camp guineafowl.




There is a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and small freezer compartment and a 4 ring gas cooker.   Cutlery, plates, glasses, pots and pans, sheets and towells are provided and there is a water filter for drinking water. There is also an outside BBQ, a charcoal oven and Pizza oven.


Power & Lighting

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The Mess is a spacious, open-plan living area that overlooks the pool.  

It has plenty of daybeds, cushions and sofas for total relaxation.  

There is also a dining area, bar, the 'Eagle's Nest for the kids, kitchen and bathroom.  

And finally, lie back, breathe deep and take in a billion stars and the Milky Way.




John- Camp Caretaker



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Teddy Bear Island is self-catering only.  

Simion - Askari




Teddy Bear Island top tent view Teddy Bear Island top bath--

There are 2 spacious Tents each with a double bed, amazing views and a Star Shower.  As there is no hot water system the best time for sun warmed showers is at 4.30pm.

This new room has a 4-Poster double bed and a Star Bath, Shower and Loo over looking the Lake. A perfect location to see the Milky Way!

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Please take your non-organic refuse away with you when you go; especially all metal, glass and plastic.

Leave no footprint.  



Teddy Bear Island Camp pool -- Good No 1 SOLO Flower crisp Good No 1 SOLO Flower crisp Good No 1 SOLO Flower crisp


Kids Net small

The Eagle's Nest is at the back of the Mess and has three single beds with dome nets.  There is a bathroom adjacent.

This is ideal for older kids and teenagers.

Good No 1 SOLO Flower crisp Mess at Teddy Bear Island -- Top Tent at Teddy Bear Island-

Top Tent

Tent View at Teddy Bear Island- Bedside Table Teddy Bear Island-- Lower Tent at Teddy Bear Island --- Tent at Teddy Bear Island-

Bottom Tent

Star Shower at Teddy Bear Island- Sunrise Star Room at Teddy Bear Island-




* 1 bag of drinking ice per day

* extra blocks of ice in a cold box for drinks

* white candles & tourches

* extra drinking water if in a big group

* keep 1 cold box dedicated to ICE

The fridge is powered by solar and generator.  It can make small quantitites of ice but we recommend you bring drinking ice and large blocks of ice for your cool boxes and your drinks.


If there is cloudy weather the solar will not be strong enough to power the freezer for long.  Try not to stress the fridge freezer by opening frequently.  Keep the fridge for food.  


We recommend keeping ALL your drinks with large blocks of ice in the cold box-on-wheels located under the bar.


For stays over 2 days we recommend ONE coldbox containing ice blocks is brought and used to top up the drinks cooler as required.



Canopy BBQ Area at Teddy Bear Island-- Teddy Bear Island Team-- Coldbox on wheels Teddy Bear Island.. Coldbox on wheels Teddy Bear Island --. Teddy Bear Island


Facebook circle blue large Chairs... Teddy Bear Island 13198390_641700759311416_7785298917997391026_o Walkway Teddy Bear Island Top Bathroom Teddy Bear Island Lake Baringo Kenya Lower Tent Bathroom View 3 Bathroom  Stone Cottage Teddy Bear Island Cottage Teddy Bear Island Cottage Teddy Bear Island Cottage Teddy Bear Island Cottage Teddy Bear Island pool 1,.Teddy Bear Island Camp Teddy Bear Island 2 == Camp Teddy Bear Island 3 --,, Camp Teddy Bear Island 4-- ARROW